Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Keeping it real

blogging is a constant struggle of "keeping it real" and "shit I don't wanna overexpose my life and let people know my shit" I sometimes cross that line and re-think my posts lol. Today I'm going to blog about how I keep it real on the daily. 
how Jaclyn keeps it real:
1. when I have really long hair, it's all really mine! I mean I grew it myself motherfuckers! why do girls get hair extensions they ever wonder if guys will freak out when they start "pulling their hair fake out?!! 
2. I wear glasses because I'm really BLIND! I'm not trying to be on trend, or be cute! I really just need them and can't see!! fake glasses are just fucking stupid girls! stop doing it bc your causing real girls like me who need them get-asked annoying questions such as, are you a sexy librarian? are you a naughty school girl? are you a bad professor?are those really prescription? 
3. I have a daily struggle of would I like more sleep or should I actually get pretty today? Spoiler alert: sleep always wins!! screw putting on a face, those extra 10 minutes in bed were devine and I'm never letting go. we don't need to look "on point" everyday to feel good about ourselves.. sometimes no makeup and messy hair just needs to happen! honestly makeup only happens when I go out and weekends other than that it's fresh faced and beanies I wear lol. 
4. my best friend really is my mom. no lie. your mother will never tell your secrets or hate you because you didn't "hug her right once" she will always love you unconditionally! at 25 I'm really looking for that love and compassion in my life! fuck fake friends I got mommy! I keep it real by hanging out with my mom weekends.. we do a lot of watching of Netflix and I try to make her drink beer ocassonally.
 5. my other best friend really is my dog and cat. they won't talk either. also good to cuddle with. 
5. I'm very blunt and it's caused some ruckus in my life! I'm unapologetic with my honesty! keeping it real can be hard guys! 
6. I kept it real by having my vices. like drinking too much on the weekends and being the wild girl I sometimes am! I keep it real by having a dirty mind and telling my friends how outrageous i am. sorry blog world you'll never know .. ahhh secrets ;)
7. I smile on the daily! I don't care if "resting bitch face" keeps you pretty.. you look just like that: a bitch! I wanna be old and wrinkley and see my happiness on my face! 
8.i keep it real by making my own money and never asking a man for anything. I play my bills. lol I'm not opposed to winning the lotto tho.. or gifts ;) 
9. I keep it real by telling girls when they ask how I stay so skinny what I do.. nothing. I don't even pretend I'm fit. I'm just honestly blessed but fit girls could run circles around me while I'm eating cake and cheering them on! I keep it real by snacking and not giving a fuck. whoops. pass me the chips. I aspire to be fit.. from my tv! 
10. last I keep it real by letting all of you (shoutout to anyone that reads this I love you) in on my life! mostly I blog bc it's therapeutic and something I enjoy. my main goal in life is to be a published writer at some point so all this practice is good good good! soo until next time, keep it real! 

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