Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving: Why it is so important to me.

So I totally wrote a whole post on my phone while on my lunch break at work and it got deleted because I didn't save it right! what a bummer! Anyways, I am a total holiday lover! you name the holiday and for that month it is my favorite holiday ever! So for the time being, thanksgiving it is!! When I was little my whole family would get together and have HUGE thanksgivings! Coming from an Italian family you could not even belive how much food we had!! My aunts and uncles would instruct us to eat,eat, eat and I would be dying by the time we got to even the second course!! However I would keep on eating because my favorite part of the whole meal was dessert!! Now I'm not much of a sweet tooth kind of girl but my Nona made the BEST Italian cookies you would ever taste! I would look forward to eating them all year and gobble them all up. She was the queen when it came to cooking to me and whenever I cook I always think of my Nona and try to ammulate how perfect she made everything! She would cook the perfect meal everytime and my papa would make the BEST gravy(sauce) you could ever even imagine! and YES, this happened on thanksgiving. lol She really is the first person who inspired me to try and cook and want to be that typical "Italian housewife" but still have big dreams and accomplish them.
My Nona and Papa made each holiday so special and really held our family together. I miss them so much and this time of year is when I get to missing them and all of my family that is far away from me. Holidays are a great time to remember who has been there for you and what life really is about. I really have my Nona and Papa to thank for showing me how important family is no matter what. 
I miss them every day and it's truely a blessing to have your grandparents in your life.. I wish I had hugged the a little closer and really appreciated them. Unfortantly I was only a young teenager when both of them passed But they showed me what true love really was. My Papa could give you a hug so hard he would pull muscles in your back! I miss those hugs so much. I even miss how my  Nona would pinch my cheeks and tell me  how I look just like her!! Holidays are really a great time and honestly if you have your love ones in your life hold them closer and love them a little longer. I would give anything to be able to kiss and hug my grandparents! But I will continue on remembering them fondly and trying to get my Nona's Italian cookie recipe right this holiday season! 
Much Love, 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

An Ode to drinking: The Current State

These were apple pie whiskey.. so good and so bad in the morning
Part two of my ode to drinking post here. So.. Remember that time you were a young, lets say 18 year old and thought you were a super-hero that never got hangovers and led the perfect drinking life even with your cheap vodka... BAD NEWS: YOU ARE NOT. you will turn 25 and suddenly your normal drinking night has you waking up the next morning wanting to crawl back in that bar, turn back time and DEMAND they NEVER serve you again! You go through the classic stages of a hangover
1.Bartering: I will never drink again if this headache just goes away
2.Grief: Just kill me now, and let this pain be over, I cannot and will not go on.

my only bf of the night...and well life haha
Now we all know come Saturday a beer is calling your name and that shot is looking pretty damn good too actually. So you get dressed promising yourself you will only have one drink and that is all! Well if you have friends like mine that is NOT going to happen. We are what you called skilled drinkers.. and all that means is we drink a lot and are most of the time pretty good at it. Just this sunday me and one of my best friends went out innocently enough just to watch the patriots kick some ass and have a couple beers. Yeahh welllll...That turned into going to 4 different bars, having multiple shots(that's where the apple pie whiskey shot comes from above so good btw) and well me never going home and being significantly hammered.(and honestly we hardly caught the pats game..fail lol) Now while that is all fun, what is NOT a good time is how I felt in the morning. Head killing, stomach killing me, dry throat andd about 9 hours of work ahead of me. NOT IDEAL.
beer and oyster fest is a great combo
Now when you are young you don't have a full time job to worry about, real responsibility and drinking on a Tuesday is totally normal. At twenty-five you are SO not hanging like that anymore. You have things to do, you have to be at work early and quite honestly sugary drinks hurt your stomach and you CANNOT have that headache at work.. It's just not worth going out on a weekday.  That being said like any girl I love my whiskey, vodka and beer.  I'm not quite ready to admit I'm old and stop partying with my friends on the weekend and the occasional Thursdays at my ever-faithful spots around town. I still will go out with my friends and have a random DRUNK DRUNK Sunday Fundays to crazy weekends wondering how I took so many fireball shots and managed to not feel like shit.I still wanna be young and have as much fun as I can. I want to be dumb and laugh with my friends and make new friends drunk that I never quite keep sober and well tip shitty still because I'm poor, young and can still kind of get away with it. So In conclusion I'm not quite ready to grow up and will continue my love of alcohol for well, honestly as long as I can get away with it without being called that "old cougar" at the bar! haha Tune in for my next post later this week! :)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

My Teeny Tiny Obsession...

So I'm here to confess I have a serious addiction! it's slowly taking over my life and I don't know what to do... I am addicted to Instagram! lol ok so it's not that serious but I can admit that I probably check Instagram at least 50 times a day. I love scrolling through my newsfeed and staying in touch with all my friends. I'll let you in on a little guilty pleasure of mine.. I love looking at the following section and legit creeping on all the photos my friends have liked .. I can look and look and end up at some bitches page from fucking antartica or something and loved every second of it. lol I scroll through my feed and like a lot of random stuff from puppy's, to my friends, to quite honestly random people and celebs I don't even know lol that's the beauty of Instagram you can just <3 anything! Another page I love looking at is the sucidegirls. Now while some girls loved looking at Victoria secret modelsor celebrities I have admired the sucide girls since I was about 17. These girls are bad ass sexy women. Most are covered in ink and so different than the commercialized women you see like the Kim kardashians of the world. They all do what they want and that shines through their pictures. I happened to just pick a picture I like bc I like big butts and I cannot lie. (and tattoos!) 
Instagram has so many different pages to look at and uses! another page I love is sarcasmonly .. i am a very sarcastic girl which gets me in trouble sometimes and this page always has me laughing and has things I would say to a tee! haha anything that can make me smile and laugh through my crazy days is always welcomed! 
So I can admit I am a self proclaimed selfie queen! I am recently trying to be reformed but it's hard haha! I used to post a good 3 selfies a week and I'm trying to stop that narcissistic behavior and get it down to one every week or couple a weeks for a true selfie ! it's been easier since I cut my hair bc I don't like how to looks unless it's styled a certain way! haha. but really.. must. stop. taking. selfies. lol
So anyways Instagram is my addiction as of late and I am trying to be concious of my insta and phone use in general but it is hard when your a ADD person like I am and always need something to do or look at! Instagram is one of my favorite social media outlets and your sure to find me clicking away! if you want to see my posts check me out on Instagram  @ jaclynleee ! :) 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

my weekend was in full effect

Here is a quick little photo blog about my weekend/ week!!

I went to the bar with my friends and had a mini law reunion! it was so fun to get together with old friends and catch up ! it's crazy how busy and old we are getting! we are so mature now.. so mature that we got wasted and took like 5 to 7 shots of whiskey together... hahaha

played with my kitty cat naynay! and when I say played I mean we basically layed in bed all Sunday nursed my EPIC hangover from the night before and watched Netflix! seriously why can't I have copious shots of whiskey and 4 beers and hang like I used to with no ill effects the next morning? haha

I went shopping with my lovley mother and while we only went out to fix her iPhone (shout out to my good friend jj for helping us while at apple!) I ended up shopping around and finally finding these thigh high socks I've been on the hunt for since early fall.. my mom knew about my obsession and pointed them out! only $10 at Windsor! I adore that store and I'm so happy it's back!! I also am in dire need of sweaters bc apprently I used to not wear winter clothes and only own two so I ended up buying that stripped sweater which is a cool Oxblood color that's very in right now which I'm also have been searching for. Now I have a pretty unique stlyle .. it's a cross between homeless, hipster and goth hippy with a dash of preppy. I like being funky and trying different things! I'm currently in the search for the perfect floppy hat so if anyone knows where I can find one let me know !! 

yes I'm a real life Italian girl who makes homemade lasagna.. why I am single I don't know but god has bigger plans for me apprently than just cooking ;) 

last but really not least these cute boys. my heart, my only boys who continue to make me smile, my nephews!! had to share to cute not too!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Walk of Shame..or run while you can?

You wake up feeling hazy, hungover, confused.. open your eyes and suddenly realize this is not a drill: this is not your room, there is some dude next to you and where the hell did I put my bra? Quite quickly you want to make your great escape and bounce to your car. We have all been there..whether you are leaving your boyfriends place or that cute guy you met at the bar... (p.s don't do it, that cute boy at the bar is a asshole and not so cute once your drink wears off) Now here are my top 10  #WALKSOFSHAMES with no shame given while letting you know them.

10. Waking up in a Halloween costume with red hair spray all over myself only not to be able to open the door and have his DAD come help me.. hi dad, BYE DAD!
9. Having someones grandma walk in on me getting dressed to go.. she previously invited me to church as I am a good catholic girl.. whoops guess that image was ruined...
8.Walking all the way from my house to walnut beach & back again because 18 year old me was THAT much of a asshole.
7.Meeting someones mom while trying to leave and having her insist I stay and eat because I MUST be hungry!!
6. Not knowing I was doing a WALK-UP of shame and having people come up to me the next day saying "hey you talk to so? and so yeah we were all on his porch and saw you walk up.. NOT FEELING SO SLICK NOW ARE WE JACLYN?!!
5. The walk back to your car no matter how close it is.. never close enough
4. Getting your car LITERALLY snowed in and watching some neighbor kid and your friend shovel your car out
3.Anytime you saw parents.. WHY ARE YOU AWAKE?!!
2.Waking up in your tiny tiny new years dress and shoveling ice off your car while his roommates CLEARLY stared at you from the window and enjoyed it.
1. and my top number one walk of shame.. DRUMROLLPLEASE... driving home with his mother. It honestly was more of a drive of shame. I was young and I really had to get home and this kid was not helping so his mom offered and who knows why I didn't just walk the 2 miles to my house but I didn't.. The poor lady thought I was 15 and was relived when I told her I was legal. I swore up and down I loved her son and I knew him forever and No I am not a underage hooker despite what this looks like.. SO in conclusion ladies and gentlemen... ALWAYS DRIVE YOUR CAR and get out quick before those awful walk of shame turns into meet the family... haha Let me know if there's any topics your interested in me writing about..
and DISCLAIMER: no men were hurt in the process of this post. only my ego ;) <3 till next time
a crazy(shameless) little girl.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

So I got nominated for this post!

Read on for some info on me and thank you curly hair and high heels for nominating me! (your blog is awesome, btw!)

The rules: 

1) Acknowledge the blog who nominated you

2) Answer the 11 questions given to you from the blogger

3) Give 11 random facts about yourself

4) Nominate 11 blogs you think are deserving of the award (les than 200 followers)

5) Let the bloggers know that you have nominated them

6) Give 11 questions for them to answer

7) Display the award photo in your post

My Questions for you!:

1. Why did you start your blog?
I write everyday for work, and also help manage our blog so it got me thinking I needed to start writting again and this seemed like a good creative outlet!

2. What is your favorite donut to order at Dunkin' Donuts?
Boston Creme.. duh im from boston lol

3. What is your favorite Disney movie?
Not a huge disney fan (horrible, I know) but the classics like lion king, the little mermaid, and Snow White

4. When you get a manicure, what color do you usually gravitate towards?
Black.. not girly and its my fav color.. Also I rarely get my nails done lol

5. What one piece of clothing or shoe can you not live with out?
jeans, leather jacket and BOOTS BOOTS and more boots!

6. Do you have any pets?
a kitty and puppy!

7. If you had to chose one store to shop for makeup would it be Ulta or Sephora?
Ulta.. just cause I have this reward card and I love shit for my hair lol

8. What place do you want to travel to that you have not been before?
Australia bc I really wanna see the Kangaroos and hot boys with accents? im there

9. For take-out dinner..would you rather have Chinese Food or Pizza?

10. What brand of Mascara do you use?
I actually dont use mascara that often.. but i have some free sample one I've rocked at a wedding recently lol

11. What color clothing do you think makes you look and feel the best?
Black! I swear i am a happy person i just love black haha

1.  My birthday is indeed 9/11
2. I eat books up, not literally but if im reading i read quick till I'm done
3. I have 4 tattoos and plan to get more
4. I always look put together but i prob got ready in 15 mins or less
5. I LOVE netflix and am currently addicted to the show weeds
6. Im super close to my 5 amazing nieces and nephews
7. I'm one of 7 and yes my family is crazy lol
8. I may not open up to you at all but I swear im warm and loving
9. That being said dont touch me im a secret germaphobe (not so secret)
10. I love a man who can grow a beard.
11. I love music and sincerly wish i could play a insturment but I do sing!

I only currently have one friend on this soooo I will work on making friends and tag people one day ahaha <3