Thursday, November 6, 2014

Walk of Shame..or run while you can?

You wake up feeling hazy, hungover, confused.. open your eyes and suddenly realize this is not a drill: this is not your room, there is some dude next to you and where the hell did I put my bra? Quite quickly you want to make your great escape and bounce to your car. We have all been there..whether you are leaving your boyfriends place or that cute guy you met at the bar... (p.s don't do it, that cute boy at the bar is a asshole and not so cute once your drink wears off) Now here are my top 10  #WALKSOFSHAMES with no shame given while letting you know them.

10. Waking up in a Halloween costume with red hair spray all over myself only not to be able to open the door and have his DAD come help me.. hi dad, BYE DAD!
9. Having someones grandma walk in on me getting dressed to go.. she previously invited me to church as I am a good catholic girl.. whoops guess that image was ruined...
8.Walking all the way from my house to walnut beach & back again because 18 year old me was THAT much of a asshole.
7.Meeting someones mom while trying to leave and having her insist I stay and eat because I MUST be hungry!!
6. Not knowing I was doing a WALK-UP of shame and having people come up to me the next day saying "hey you talk to so? and so yeah we were all on his porch and saw you walk up.. NOT FEELING SO SLICK NOW ARE WE JACLYN?!!
5. The walk back to your car no matter how close it is.. never close enough
4. Getting your car LITERALLY snowed in and watching some neighbor kid and your friend shovel your car out
3.Anytime you saw parents.. WHY ARE YOU AWAKE?!!
2.Waking up in your tiny tiny new years dress and shoveling ice off your car while his roommates CLEARLY stared at you from the window and enjoyed it.
1. and my top number one walk of shame.. DRUMROLLPLEASE... driving home with his mother. It honestly was more of a drive of shame. I was young and I really had to get home and this kid was not helping so his mom offered and who knows why I didn't just walk the 2 miles to my house but I didn't.. The poor lady thought I was 15 and was relived when I told her I was legal. I swore up and down I loved her son and I knew him forever and No I am not a underage hooker despite what this looks like.. SO in conclusion ladies and gentlemen... ALWAYS DRIVE YOUR CAR and get out quick before those awful walk of shame turns into meet the family... haha Let me know if there's any topics your interested in me writing about..
and DISCLAIMER: no men were hurt in the process of this post. only my ego ;) <3 till next time
a crazy(shameless) little girl.

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