Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving: Why it is so important to me.

So I totally wrote a whole post on my phone while on my lunch break at work and it got deleted because I didn't save it right! what a bummer! Anyways, I am a total holiday lover! you name the holiday and for that month it is my favorite holiday ever! So for the time being, thanksgiving it is!! When I was little my whole family would get together and have HUGE thanksgivings! Coming from an Italian family you could not even belive how much food we had!! My aunts and uncles would instruct us to eat,eat, eat and I would be dying by the time we got to even the second course!! However I would keep on eating because my favorite part of the whole meal was dessert!! Now I'm not much of a sweet tooth kind of girl but my Nona made the BEST Italian cookies you would ever taste! I would look forward to eating them all year and gobble them all up. She was the queen when it came to cooking to me and whenever I cook I always think of my Nona and try to ammulate how perfect she made everything! She would cook the perfect meal everytime and my papa would make the BEST gravy(sauce) you could ever even imagine! and YES, this happened on thanksgiving. lol She really is the first person who inspired me to try and cook and want to be that typical "Italian housewife" but still have big dreams and accomplish them.
My Nona and Papa made each holiday so special and really held our family together. I miss them so much and this time of year is when I get to missing them and all of my family that is far away from me. Holidays are a great time to remember who has been there for you and what life really is about. I really have my Nona and Papa to thank for showing me how important family is no matter what. 
I miss them every day and it's truely a blessing to have your grandparents in your life.. I wish I had hugged the a little closer and really appreciated them. Unfortantly I was only a young teenager when both of them passed But they showed me what true love really was. My Papa could give you a hug so hard he would pull muscles in your back! I miss those hugs so much. I even miss how my  Nona would pinch my cheeks and tell me  how I look just like her!! Holidays are really a great time and honestly if you have your love ones in your life hold them closer and love them a little longer. I would give anything to be able to kiss and hug my grandparents! But I will continue on remembering them fondly and trying to get my Nona's Italian cookie recipe right this holiday season! 
Much Love, 

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