Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I swear im not THAT crazy...

So recently I got called the dreaded "crazy" as in "Why are you so crazy, I'm just a boy who did nothing wrong.. CRAZY." This happened by some person I have not talked to in months which made it even more annoying to me, as a girl cant even just be friendly anymore and say hello. SOOO this post is about all the things girls do that are CRAZY..actual and otherwise lol
1. We want you text us if you like us. - what is so hard about texting? its literally typing words on a tiny screen to show us you like us.. We are not even asking for a phone call here.. because hearing someones actual voice would be unheard of nowadays.
2. Stalking your instagram, twitter, facebook. oh do you have a pinterest. I already knew you did and checked it twice thanks. Most girls don't mind if you like some "Models" instas that have 400+likes...  If you like some whores I know and hate picture? I will keep that in mind and mention it to you later casually like "oh you like, so and so pictures.. SHES A WHORE AND I HOPE SHE MOVES TO WHORELAND, WHY DON'T YOU JUST MARRY HER ALREADY SINCE YOUR IN LOVE WITH HER!"
3.SNAPCHAT. girls go crazy about snapchat for 2 reasons. One: boys are stupid and don't realize if you snap one girl 500 times she is now in your top 3 and ALL your girls on snapchat see and hate her instantly. Two.:You should only snapchat me.. or like you mom. That's fine too.
4. I know I just texted you once but you haven't responded in 2 minutes sooo I think I should text you again. My rule used to be to text three times and after that never text again. As I've gotten older I say fuck it and let your inner crazy out..keep texting. (I'm totally kidding, stop doing that..text once and done.)
5. Another thing about instagram.... We get so crazy when you don't like our pictures... "WHY DON'T YOU LIKE THE PIC OF MY CAT EATING RAMEN? SHES A MODEL!" We will delete our selfies if they don't get 11 likes but keep the one you like just to say.. "See, he liked my picture 23 weeks ago, obviously he is in love with me" to our friends.
6.SO you meet a girl at a bar, you think shes pretty, you exchange numbers, go on dates and finally sleep together... well than your mission is accomplished and your ready to move on but We girls have other plans... Once a girl sleeps with a guy and likes them, She will text them none-stop. Where we think (now this is sometimes, BELIEVE ME, NOT ALL THE TIME. lol) sex will bring us closer.. guys think I hit the bulls-eye im good to go. You never know how truly crazy a girl can get until you sleep with her. and by crazy I mean us wanting to hang out again..odd I know.
7. We show all our friends screenshots.. bare that in mind when you text a crazy girl something nasty or sweet she will show it to ten of her closest friends thinking nothing odd of it. Be prepared to be critiqued to all you tiny minded men out there. ;)
8. You know how you say you "deleted" anything bad we sent you? Yes well a crazy girl is always prepared and has your  "snaps" too so be prepared.
9.  Some girls will do these things called drive-bys.. I used to be friends with a girl who would drive by her ex's house and piss right near his car. touche crazy girl and keep at it... haha
10.  I used to talk to someone and just show up at his house... this is real and crazy.. I also own it with no shame... drunk jaclyn is a wild thing...okayyyyyy... so maybe we are crazy, but crazy girls are the best... ;) So what do you think are girls crazy or are guys just driving us insane?

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