Tuesday, November 18, 2014

An Ode to drinking: The Current State

These were apple pie whiskey.. so good and so bad in the morning
Part two of my ode to drinking post here. So.. Remember that time you were a young, lets say 18 year old and thought you were a super-hero that never got hangovers and led the perfect drinking life even with your cheap vodka... BAD NEWS: YOU ARE NOT. you will turn 25 and suddenly your normal drinking night has you waking up the next morning wanting to crawl back in that bar, turn back time and DEMAND they NEVER serve you again! You go through the classic stages of a hangover
1.Bartering: I will never drink again if this headache just goes away
2.Grief: Just kill me now, and let this pain be over, I cannot and will not go on.

my only bf of the night...and well life haha
Now we all know come Saturday a beer is calling your name and that shot is looking pretty damn good too actually. So you get dressed promising yourself you will only have one drink and that is all! Well if you have friends like mine that is NOT going to happen. We are what you called skilled drinkers.. and all that means is we drink a lot and are most of the time pretty good at it. Just this sunday me and one of my best friends went out innocently enough just to watch the patriots kick some ass and have a couple beers. Yeahh welllll...That turned into going to 4 different bars, having multiple shots(that's where the apple pie whiskey shot comes from above so good btw) and well me never going home and being significantly hammered.(and honestly we hardly caught the pats game..fail lol) Now while that is all fun, what is NOT a good time is how I felt in the morning. Head killing, stomach killing me, dry throat andd about 9 hours of work ahead of me. NOT IDEAL.
beer and oyster fest is a great combo
Now when you are young you don't have a full time job to worry about, real responsibility and drinking on a Tuesday is totally normal. At twenty-five you are SO not hanging like that anymore. You have things to do, you have to be at work early and quite honestly sugary drinks hurt your stomach and you CANNOT have that headache at work.. It's just not worth going out on a weekday.  That being said like any girl I love my whiskey, vodka and beer.  I'm not quite ready to admit I'm old and stop partying with my friends on the weekend and the occasional Thursdays at my ever-faithful spots around town. I still will go out with my friends and have a random DRUNK DRUNK Sunday Fundays to crazy weekends wondering how I took so many fireball shots and managed to not feel like shit.I still wanna be young and have as much fun as I can. I want to be dumb and laugh with my friends and make new friends drunk that I never quite keep sober and well tip shitty still because I'm poor, young and can still kind of get away with it. So In conclusion I'm not quite ready to grow up and will continue my love of alcohol for well, honestly as long as I can get away with it without being called that "old cougar" at the bar! haha Tune in for my next post later this week! :)

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