Tuesday, November 11, 2014

my weekend was in full effect

Here is a quick little photo blog about my weekend/ week!!

I went to the bar with my friends and had a mini law reunion! it was so fun to get together with old friends and catch up ! it's crazy how busy and old we are getting! we are so mature now.. so mature that we got wasted and took like 5 to 7 shots of whiskey together... hahaha

played with my kitty cat naynay! and when I say played I mean we basically layed in bed all Sunday nursed my EPIC hangover from the night before and watched Netflix! seriously why can't I have copious shots of whiskey and 4 beers and hang like I used to with no ill effects the next morning? haha

I went shopping with my lovley mother and while we only went out to fix her iPhone (shout out to my good friend jj for helping us while at apple!) I ended up shopping around and finally finding these thigh high socks I've been on the hunt for since early fall.. my mom knew about my obsession and pointed them out! only $10 at Windsor! I adore that store and I'm so happy it's back!! I also am in dire need of sweaters bc apprently I used to not wear winter clothes and only own two so I ended up buying that stripped sweater which is a cool Oxblood color that's very in right now which I'm also have been searching for. Now I have a pretty unique stlyle .. it's a cross between homeless, hipster and goth hippy with a dash of preppy. I like being funky and trying different things! I'm currently in the search for the perfect floppy hat so if anyone knows where I can find one let me know !! 

yes I'm a real life Italian girl who makes homemade lasagna.. why I am single I don't know but god has bigger plans for me apprently than just cooking ;) 

last but really not least these cute boys. my heart, my only boys who continue to make me smile, my nephews!! had to share to cute not too!

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