Monday, October 27, 2014

Drinking, The Early Years: An Ode to Alcohol

So we have all been there, you partied a little too hard and you wake up groggy and confused to what actually happened last night and grimace when you look at your phone and see your texts... but lets rewind this story up a bit.... I was destined to be a big drinker. I come from a long, long, line of Irish, Italian, Germans who have major tempers and love their beer. Now I actually didn't end up drinking till I was 18 (apparently that was the age I got rebellious) The first time I drank was senior year with my highschool friends. We all decided to drink for what I think was my friends birthday, being the CLASSY girls we were we got a bottle of raspberry Smirnoff and went wild! I probably had one glass of whatever concoction we made and got drunk. Me and my friend started walking around her neighboorhood bored drunk and I was NOT gonna be able to go home so I slept over. This will be called the age of "I dont know my tolerance so im gonna get fucked up, drink dubra, and STILL not have a hangover. Some of my glorious things I did during this era were:
1.Yelling at some poor lady for staring at me while being plastered after cotillion at the good old flyer diner in milford.
2. Went shot for shot thinking I was a bad ass and took 8 straight shots of Jack Daniels. I  was totally sober one minute than the next so drunk that I started throwing up all over my poor friends yard.
3.Spent every Friday with my friends texting any and everyone we knew of age to buy us liquor and buying dubra thinking it was GREAT!

4.Going to my first bar underage at 19. Shout-out to the good old Redwood for serving me even when the bartender was like your not 21 as shes pouring me the only bar drink I knew of : Cranberry Vodka.
5. Hiding my bottles of vodka in my closet so my mom wouldn't find them.
6. Drinking at walnut beach and being stupid with my friends like every good milford teenager must do.
7. Heading out to new haven to go to alchelmy and get "shitty with my girlssss" and yell at any and every man who ever tried to touch me.
8. Throwing BANGERS at my house.. (We all know how that one backfired on me)
9. Stealing a 50 dollar bottle of tequila from a angry sailor and running away at a party with my friend and getting smashedddd. sorry to the u.s.a navymen!
10. Buying liquor underage at the one place EVERY kid knew they would not get carded in milford.. but still freaking out like I was going to get arrested while doing it.
The early years of drinking are always the most wreckless, you dont have enough sense to be like man this 8 dollar bottle of vodka should not be drank in one night, but also your young and don't get hangovers so why not?! I used to think I was #BLESSED and didn't get hangovers.. fast-forward to 25 and any amount of sugar in my drink has me reeling the next day. Drinking has its ups- and really dumb moments, but it sure makes life interesting! Check back for my next post on this subject! :)

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