Monday, October 13, 2014

My Best (hairy) Friends

I have a case of the mondays...All I wanted to do this morning was cuddle with my cat and dog and never leave my bed. I eventually did get out of bed and leave my two furry friends! If you know anything about me, you know that I LOVE animals! I am the type of girl that will run up to random people to pet their dogs and animals usually flock to me.. (with the exception of birds, but that's another post) I adore my dog bailey, who we rescued and is a lab/hound mix! (and oh does he have TONS of energy!) I also have a cat Naomi, who has a thousand nicknames such as nay, shanaynay, and most commonly I call her NayNay.

 We rescued Bailey from north shore animal league in 2007. My mom had to put our beloved dalmatian down just a year before, and we were heartbroken from that, So initially I was a little hesitant to get a new dog. How could another dog ever take the place of my childhood one? I was vehemently against getting this new dog, but my mom had gone to the rescue place and fell in love with Bailey so she brought him back. He was the tiniest cutest puppy you ever did see. (This is before I had an iphone, so unfortunately I don't have any pics :/) I eventually warmed up to the idea of a new dog, and Bailey really did steal my heart. He is so happy, loving and just a good dog. He is a little crazy, in the way that he likes bananas, will run up and down the stairs for no reason hours on end, and he has this little habit of just randomly humping the air. ( or anything near him :X)

He can light up my whole day when I'm feeling down and puts a smile on my face. Hes so sweet and even good with my niece, he just wants to kiss her! (which babies and toddlers aren't too fond of haha) Everyone who meets bailey falls in love with him and sees what a sweet, if not a little energetic dog he is. He can sometimes be a little mischievous, and whenever he gets the chance he will try to run out and end up "going for a ride" in my car, as that is the only way to get him back home. I wouldn't change having mr. bails for anything!
On to my diva kitty, nay! I have raised my cat naynay since she born and I was 14. My sisters cat had kittens and I inherited her. From the moment she was born she had such a personality. She bossed all the other kittens around, and was always stealing their food. (shes a bit of a fat cat, I tell people shes well-taken care of, not fat!!) She was so stunningly beautiful even though she was just a regular cat, no special breed. She adores me and im basically the only one she will go near. I one time had a boy over who thought he could pet her, and she just looked at him like hell, no! and darted off! haha. She sits with me, and purrs so loud you would think she was taking off. (shes actually right next to me purring now, trying to get my attention as I am writing this haha) I adore her more than I can even put in words or try to understand.
Shes only slightly spoiled in the way that her food bowl is always full and I may give her food anytime she meows at me! The Diva kitty must be kept happy! I don't think I will ever be able to get another cat after my naynay, because she is so unique and special to me. Shes almost like a dog, I swear, she bites and everything!! Even though she is now almost 11 she is still so playful.. just last week I found her swatting one of my bras across my room which I must say was hilarious!

Animals are so special and dear to my heart and I'm so lucky to have these two little loves that always are there for me and cheer me up on my not so good days. They keep me sane, happy, and smiling! They are always there, and always trustworthy to me! <3

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