Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Many Faces Of Jaclyn's Halloween

Happy October! Now that the crisp weather is here its almost time for one of my favorite holidays! I have loved Halloween since I was a little kid! (and not for the candy part, I oddly don't have a sweet tooth) I adore the idea of being anything you've ever wished, if only for a night! I've been a princess, a witch, and most recently a very gory zombie sailor pinup girl! My favorite part of Halloween is making your costume and all the details that are involved in it! This post I'll share with you some of my favorite costumes in the past few years I've made!
So in the first picture I am a officer.. it was 2010 I just turned 21 and the song Mrs.Officer by Lil' Wayne was very popular.. apparently I was going for a sexy officer of the law look with my handcuffs and stockings.(I am certain though that real police don't wear garter belts and have real guns haha) In the next picture I am little miss.ridding hood! My nephew at the time was a baby and his favorite show had little miss ridding hood in it, so I created that costume from a old cape and corset I had! (my little bee niece is probably the best part of the whole thing!!)
 So for me the best part of halloween is creating my actual look! I had decided I wanted to be poison ivy but all the costumes I saw were so cheap and unrealistic looking, so I decided to make it! I went to Joanne Fabrics and made the tutu myself using tulle! I than glued fake leaves and dyed the shirt green! The hardest part of this ensemble was probably my hair! I wanted red hair to complete the look but I couldn't get a wig to fit over my long, long brown hair. So I decided to buy those instant halloween hairspray colors. It worked, but it got EVERYWHERE in my bathroom! So I recommend wearing a shirt you don't care about and going outside to spray your hair! This costume was so fun and I even almost won a contest with it! ( They had us go on stage, and I wasn't sooo into feeling like a cattle call and shaking my ass like the other girls for 250 dollars, no amount of drinks can make me do that, thanks mama for the self-respect!)

NINJA TURTLES!! I kind of have an obsession with ninja turtles! (who didn't love them as a child of the 90s!) My friends and I all decided to be the ninja turtles and the costume was pretty easy, and cheap to make! We bought ninja turtle backpacks. (which I still use all the time just cause haha) and I had shorts previously from aerie! I bought a five dollar shirt from joyce leslie and fabric, again from the beloved Joanne Fabrics! We had body paint and if I do say myself my abs were killer! hahaha

This last costume  is one of my favs! I've been dying to go beyond the typical "slutty white girl" costume. Its still kind of typical but I tried to gore it up a bit! I was a "pin-up" zombie. I loved marking up all my "sailor" accessory's with blood. The best part of this is definitely the fake wounds and falling apart skin! I might have been slightly allergic to the fake wounds because my skin got all itchy and red! pain is beauty. (or gore) haha. So there are a few of my most recent creations! I'm still trying to figure out what direction I am going to go with this year for halloween but I have a few ideas swirling around! If anyone has any ideas let me know! :) <3

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