Tuesday, October 28, 2014

20 signs you're a bad sleeper

god, stop dreaming about me everyone.
1.You lie awake at all hours of the night thinking of random things.
2. You finally fall asleep only to wake up at all hours of the night, and not be able to fall back asleep
3. A early bed time for you is 1am. (and your still wound up)
4.Your significant other is snoring away and you are cursing them for sleeping so nicely
5.  You grab your phone and scroll through the same things people posted before they went to bed four hours ago..only to have it fall on your face. (ouch)
6. You try and count sheep only to realize that's stupid and doesn't work.
7. You try and clear your head and stop thinking only to start all over, worse than before.
8.  You've tried all those herbal teas and heat packs only to lie awake and either have to pee or be overcome by incense.
9. You try and find like minded people who aren't sleeping to talk to.
10. Netflix...need I say more?
11.Mornings are always awful. 8am always comes too early.
12. People assume your a vampire because you're always awake
13. Your favorite time is the weekend because its not so weird to stay up past 3am
14. You can stay up till 6am and still have tons of energy
15. You are always, always restless
16. You snapchat/text/harass people at odd times at night
17. You get up 20 times a night for a snack, a drink, really anything to entertain you
18. None-sleepers cant take naps or we will never go to bed
19. You get bored, so you wake your significant other up to "talk"
20.  You read this and agreed with everything I said and want to add a few more in

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