Saturday, October 4, 2014

my crazy (maybe obsessive) love of long hair

My love of long, long hair goes back to when i was young. I remember being 3 and my mother taking me for a haircut, unfortunately for me it was almost summer and my mother decided to chop it all off into a cute little bob! I was devastated, now any normal three year old would have no problem with cutting their hair but i cried, and stormed into my room!! I was distraught with this
"boy"  haircut!! Ever since than I had kept it incredibly long! That is until 8th grade when i went and got the dreaded "mall hair-cut"  it was short, awful and the kids in school were not afraid to tell me exactly how bad it was! i cried, and cried to my mom!! Here is the offending haircut!
So I entered freshmen year looking like that and feeling not so pretty. I admired every long hair girl from a distance and thought "man if I could only have hair like that life would be perfect!" (and maybe boobs like them too) Well luckily for me by sophomore year my hair grew (the boobs im still waiting for :p) and by the time I was a senior I had that long luscious hair I so desired. Now that my hair was long i wanted to donate it but I agonized about how short it would be and NEVER again wanted that awful haircut! So I waited two more years and donated 10 inches! Recently I have again taken the plunged and donated my hair! This time I donated 14 inches to beautiful lengths, they make wigs for women with cancer, free of charge. This is so special to me because my beloved aunt passed of ovarian cancer. Now as much as I LOVE long hair. (and i REALLY, REALLY love it) I am always so happy and feel blessed that i am able to give my long,thick, italian hair to such a good cause.

So now I'm back in the process of growing out my crazy thick hair and hating every moment of it! I love the donating part, i hate the giving up of my long, hippy hair! I am a long hair girl for life and it pains me to have medium length hair! haha I cant wait till my hair is long again and wish the process of growing hair out was faster!! So there's a little insight on why I'm so obsessive with having long long hair and why I constantly grow it out to make the cut again and again! :)

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