Wednesday, October 22, 2014

part two: a taboo subject! (relatives cover your eyes!!)

Now here is the most taboo topic that a single girl can talk about, sex. you are either a slut for having it or a prude for not. guys get to talk about sex freely with no judgement, they are considered the man! we women although, are still bunch of whores for even mentioning it. why in 2014 is it still taboo for girls to express their desires and wants? the only place girls can even get information that's "safe" for them to look at is in Cosmo... and believe me no girl is actually taking their advise to lie back counter clockwise and "rock your mans world like never before tonight!!" now I was what they call a "late bloomer" I didnt get my first kiss till I was 18 in walnut beaches parking lot of all places! I was what you call awkward in highschool and I wasn't much of a boy magnet. (besides from all the weird dudes that thought I was nice..)
(my sexy Myspace pose at 17!) i didn't end up losing my virgintity till after highschool either, by that time most of my friends had done the deed and here I was the proverbial good girl who never had a date to even one dance. now I think we all have that vision as girls that our first time is going to be all candles, romance and we are going to be so gorgeous our men will just keel over and die just from the sight of us!! well in reality your in someone's parents house in their childhood twin sized bed and your thinking "he said he just wanted to watch a movie, how'd this happen?! (oh to be young and naive!) now being years removed from that situation I can say firmly that society's vision of losing "it" is warped, all those 80s movies are totally wrong! no butterflies come out, candles aren't lit and unfortantly no one stands outside your window pinning after you with a old school radio.. (although fellas, I'll take a portable MP3 player if you have one!)
(I REALLY liked lyrics & selfies at 17 andddd I look crosseyed, good going Jaclyn)  But everyone has their own sometimes funny story of the first time, of that huge milestone in life. you can literally never forget it, even if you want too! (bc who are we kidding,we are all clumsy and awkward at 18!) now the details I'll keep to myself as they are my private memory but I will give you the HILARIOUS tale of how after I made my 22 year old sister pick me up from his house, buy me french fries and asked the age old question of : "that was it?! that's what all the fuss was about?! " she assured me it would get better. (she was right.) I also happened to leave my jewelry and oh, my work keys at his house so that was interesting explaining to the girl I worked with when he came strolling in to give them back.. awkward, much?! anyways you live and you really do learn a lot from being that awkward teenage love-stuck girl to a 25 year old woman. you learn that it's not always about the guy, you don't always have to be smoldering hot and yes, laughter helps those awkward moments everyone has during sex. anyway thanks for reading about the taboo "shh don't talk about it, we're all good girls here" subject! :) more taboo stuff later! (who dosent love a little scandal?!) 

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